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Before #nanowrimo, thoughts on writing from Neil Gaiman.


Before #nanowrimo, thoughts on writing from Neil Gaiman.

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Jessica Williams proposes applying New York’s Stop and Frisk policy to Wall Street bankers. 

This all day.

Oh yes.

*mic drop*

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Amazing Michael Jordan interview on Jimmy Fallon.  Too bad Kristen Wiig had to get bumped.

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Me from the present is asking me from last night whether he had to finish the entire Halo 4 campaign in one sitting.  Me from last night says yes without blinking an eye.

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Nerds and Bros Are Not That Different
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Just completed (in the last 5 minutes!): Rochard

It’s an action puzzler that deals with gravity manipulation as the primary hook.  At it’s start, you’ll find yourself turning gravity on and off, but by the end you’ll be a master of attraction (and I suppose repulsion, but that doesn’t sound as fun).  I highly recommend.

I must warn that there is a heavy handed “effeminate male” voice used for certain guards.  It didn’t ruin the game, but it was a blemish on an otherwise amazing experience.  

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Hello, World.

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